The weather on March 17, 1892, was fair, but chilly—typical for mid-March in Cleveland, 俄亥俄州. It was St. Patrick’s Day and Clevelanders were observing the Irish holiday in a variety of ways. Scheduled events included a lecture on “Ireland’s Schools and Scholars,” a special concert and theater production at a local church, and a banquet sponsored by the Philo Celtic Club. Others patronized local shops and markets. Crow & Whitmarsh was selling men’s socks at 25¢ for three pairs and Copco Soap for 4¢ a cake. Fuldheim’s was holding a closeout firesale featuring “$85,000 worth of the finest shoes and boots.” Baseball enthusiasts were at League Park to watch the hometown professional team, the Cleveland Spiders, play its first game of the year. The 平原经销商 预测,1892年赛季将是蜘蛛有史以来最好的,它是。那场比赛他短暂的历史过程中当然团队设置为其赢球的季节,由于蜘蛛的人才即将成为著名的投手,丹顿真正的‘CY’年轻。

从克里夫兰骑士队的两个主要报纸的网页缺少的是一个新的基督教工人培训学校是一组对ST启动任何公告。帕特里克节。当然,吸引学生只有一小撮的第一天,一个很小的机构可能似乎太不吉利,以争取当地媒体的关注。事实上,朴实无华的培训学校默默无闻地和前景暗淡打开。然而,一个世纪和25年后,学校等外 - 在新的位置,用一个新名称,并具有扩展的任务...

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